Turn Black X Peter Cat Recording Co.

Peter Cat Recording Co. is a Delhi-based band, who experiment with different genres of music like Gypsy Jazz and ballroom to create their own genre of music. They have been treating us for the past 8 years so one can say that Delhi has practically seen them grow. They have been signed up by a famous Parisian record label, Panache making their amazing music go international! We at Turn Black have been listening to their music before even the idea of Turn Black came into our minds and once we came together we would collectively listen to their music while working on our ideas!

A collaboration with them was inevitable, the idea behind this collection was to come up with something comfortable and stylish for their Bismillah gig in Delhi. Styles that are distinctly Turn Black and captures their crazy on-stage personalities. We got together to come up with 5 such pairs that’ll allow them to move around, play their instruments, sing and entertain their audiences.

We took inspiration from the loose silhouettes of Japanese styles and fused them with Indian detailing, to create a musical collection. Keeping in mind their sense of style, and their love for experimenting we designed these 5 pairs of styles.

For Suryakant Sawhney, the lead singer and guitarist; we wanted to make something that is authentically Surya, so we designed a Kurta and straight cut pyjamas.

Karan Singh, the drummer who mostly uses his arms for his entire performance we created a Kimono styled shirt to keep his arms free and paired it with loose fitted pants.

Dhruv Bhola, who plays bass & has to move around a lot we created a wrap around and relaxed fit shirt.


Rohit Gupta on Keys and Trumpet; for him we made Dhothi styled pants and straight fit shirt.

And for Kartik Sundareshan Pillai, who plays keyboards, guitar, electronics and trumpet we created a knotted Kimono robe styled shirt and loose straight cut pants to let him perform freely.

Just in time for the opening gig of their latest album Bismillah in Delhi, where they showcased this collection for the very first time!

This collection is going to be available soon on our website for everyone to try and experiment with their wardrobe.

Listen to their music here.

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