Why Black, the Non-Colour

For Nutan, the founder and CEO of Turn Black, it was no less than a bold move to embrace the thought of staying hidden away and give it an unparalleled expression. The absence of colour made her feel free of the bias, confines, bondage, and arbitrary ways of an orthodox society. Instead of attempting to flee from the tension that brewed within her mind, she decided to get caught up in it even more. The need of the hour went beyond seeking acceptance in a culture that followed trends and rules as defined by a whole and shifted to pushing individuality, self-expression, and what was away from the norm instead. She took it upon herself to represent and style every woman and man who wanted to fade into Black, and to encourage them to be outwardly about it, to identify with it, to wear it like an armor.

Her poetic sense of fashion came to her like a quiet storm in the pitch dark. What started as an idea of self-expression and a novel understanding of “what makes you YOU”, ultimately formed the foundation of the revolutionary brand Turn Black –  India’s one and only all-black ethical clothing line. Headquartered in South Delhi’s Shahpur Jat Village, the studio is open for free spirits to wander in for a look-see on weekdays.


Working with undefinable silhouettes as opposed to the form-fitted, minimalism, clean cuts, and that which puts comfort first is what we like to imagine as our core design value. In a manner of defying boundaries, we are for the idea of making it harder and harder to identify and bracket the human form, be it in terms of gender, class, size, or any other form of categorization. 

We love symmetry, simplicity, functionality, and a fluid design aesthetic. All our designs reflect our philosophy of “less is more” featuring elegant and minimal embroidery work, meticulously done by our skilled artisans by hand, which adds a distinctive appeal to our garments. From concept to illustration to sampling to final product, the long process involves expert intervention behind the scenes at each of those stages, by our very own visionary designer and founder along with her team, spilling ideas across the spectrum.