The Scrap Project Initiative

The first edition of our zero-waste initiative called The Scrap Project was aimed at reducing the carbon footprint on the planet by redirecting our waste material away from the overcrowded landfills, and back into our production process. The idea was to use the leftover fabric from our production stage and upcycle it, which formed the basis of our avant-garde earth-friendly collection. 

It may have started as an experiment, but it left us with a realisation about the importance of achieving sustainability via innovative waste management techniques as a growing conscious fashion label. We had to stand by it and decided to make it a practice, to rotate and reduce the industrial waste produced by us, one scrap bit at a time. Our collection Mottanai is made out of scraps from our previous collections. 


Circularity means designing products that last and that can be reused, and repaired, over time. We are continually improving our practices to ensure the longest life possible for our products, prioritising zero waste, minimising our environmental footprint, and supporting the transition towards a circular economy.


Plastic Free Packaging

We are a plastic-free brand. As of 2020, we have eliminated the use of plastic in our packaging process and use brown paper bags and banderoles instead as an eco-friendly alternative. Our tags are completely organic and free of plastic or any other harmful material as well. 

In This Together 

We believe in the ideals of slow fashion. That means we make clothes keeping in mind the concepts of Quality, Durability, and Affordability. The three pillars of Turn Black. 

Fact – 85 percent of the world’s ocean debris is made up of microfibre waste released into our water bodies at the time of manufacturing garments, and later in the process of washing them. 

We encourage our patrons to help reduce the microfibre waste thus produced while washing garments, and choose alternative eco-friendly ways of cleaning instead. For this purpose, we have put together a caring guide for you to go through and take part. 

We hope we can join hands in support of this move towards sustainability, and in this endeavor to make our environment proud of us for once. 

Caring Guide 

In order to ensure the longevity of Turn Black garments and for the sake of a circular economy, here’s everything you need to know about how to take care of the apparel. As our first instinct is to dispose of clothing at the first sign of wear and tear, we make sure that our garments made with so much love don’t end up in the dump too soon or ever, in turn polluting the environment and disrupting our ecosystem.

We are in this together, and the time for change is now.

To close the loop on waste produced by us and implement better waste management systems, we give you the ultimate alternatives that can help us save our environment, by simply staying conscious and consuming responsibly. 

  • Cleaning: Recommended methods of cleaning are hand washing using a gentle detergent, or green dry cleaning, just to be good to the environment by not choosing to choke it with carcinogenic chemicals like perc. 
  • Repair and Reuse: Got a loose hem? Got holes in your clothing? No problem. Bring the garment back to us and we will up-cycle it with repairs according to your choosing and preference. It’s utterly up to us to surrender the old wasteful ways of early fashion. Repairing and reusing is a great alternative to ensure the long life and maximum utilisation of a piece of clothing. Let us fix it. 

We are positive that you loved wearing our creations as much as we loved making them for you. If the condition of the returned garment is apt to be resold as second-hand clothing from Turn Black, it can go on to be somebody else’s favorite thing in their wardrobe, just like it once was for you. Otherwise, if it’s beyond repair, we will renew and recycle it into other useful items as part of The Scrap Project.