Fast fashion never existed to survive through times like these. The fashion industry has plundered the planet without thinking about its consequences. As nature makes them known nonetheless, Sustainability becomes the only legitimate answer to everything that we’ve done wrong in the past. There is a need to redefine what’s normal, and more importantly, what’s ethical.

With terms like “circular fashion” and “conscious fashion” already making the rounds in the industry, we have our chance to revolutionise fashion for good and remap our relationship with nature in a meaningful, symbiotic way. We have spotted the missing moral fiber in our process of doing business and are on our way to addressing it by adopting the “less is more” perspective on fashion as a whole, as opposed to viewing it through the conventional consumerist lens.

We pay close attention to where our fabrics are sourced from and are well aware of our social responsibility towards the community of farmers and growers as well.

All our cotton fabrics are sourced from GOTS certified sellers. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) defines universal criteria for the processing of textiles and ensures the use of organic and natural fibers throughout the supply chain as well as socially responsible production of the product. This certification is issued by an independent body. 

Another affirmation that brings us closer to transforming into an ethical, socially-conscious sustainable label includes our 100℅ Fair Trade certified organic cotton source, that besides promoting pesticides and chemical-free cultivation practices, also helps alleviate poverty by giving cotton growers a fair and fixed minimum price for their product covering their cost of employing sustainable practices in its cultivation. They also receive a fairtrade premium which goes to the cooperative to invest in community projects.

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