How to Support Ethical Fashion

As an upcoming brand, it is important that we work with a new vision of fashion. It is important that as consumers and designers our habits don’t have a drastic impact on the environment or the people who work with us.


One of the aspects of sustainable fashion is ethical fashion. It is the easiest to achieve for any brand. Cutting those corners do give consumers cheaper products but there is always somebody who pays the price. It is usually the wage earner who created your garment or the farmer who provided the fabric.


Turn Black is on a journey to be a sustainable brand, but from the beginning itself; we had our ethics in place. For us, providing for good working conditions & fair wages is of utmost importance. Our production unit is right where our studio is, open for people to take a peek. We’re also working to get fair trade certifications for the fabrics we source to create our beautiful garments.  This kind of transparency will help you understand what goes into making the garment you ordered which will make you love the clothes even more! You will be thrilled to know that we re-utilize our ‘waste’ material; we create tags, buttons and pockets etc. through whatever is left from making our garments. We use larger scraps to create those cute black tote bags to pack our clothes at our store or during exhibitions.


We would suggest our customers become more mindful. Be more aware of what you consume and where you shop from.  Shop less, but shop good quality products that last for a long time. Shop from brands which practise good ethics and don’t cut corners. It is exciting to see when our customers have questions about the garments they are buying. This keeps us, as a brand on edge to keep providing you with ethically made products and motivates us to keep working towards closing the loop. Nobody should have to suffer just because we want new clothes when it’s easy to get good clothes with homegrown brands. Supporting homegrown brands is also another way we can choose sustainability. Because even though globalization has made the world one; transport still causes pollution. We can avoid that by going for closer-to-home brands and brands that source raw materials locally.


There are many ways consumers and brands can work towards consuming in a way that doesn’t cause harm. One which doesn’t take a toll on the environment and one that doesn’t make its people suffer. The first step is to unlearn and then learn new things.

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  • Ayesha says:

    Hi, I’m writing for a small independent online magazine and we would like to feature Turn Black soon. We thought your contribution to sustainability was really nice. If possible could you mail me some pictures of the tote bags you make out of recycled materials for packaging. Any other relevant images wouls also be appreciated. Thankyou.

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