The Scrap Project – Our First Step Towards Sustainable Fashion

Saving the world one scrap bit at a time.

Once again, nature has spoken as if it knew Wiccan the way we do. Amidst the outbreak and dystopia that has followed, we have decided to lay off negativity and spread only good thoughts and happiness, be it through our work, words or visions for a better future.

We started on our path to redemption with our latest collection called The Scrap Project which is, in fact, our first step towards ethical fashion. And we have reason to believe it’s not going to be our last. While the textile industry might be the second most polluting industry in the world, we can reverse that statistic in our favor, in nature’s favor, if we wanted to. It’s all about being conscious at every step along the way, be it while choosing and procuring raw materials that are eco-friendly or reducing and recycling waste generated at the production level.





The waste produced by the fashion industry suddenly brings to mind a Gotham-like view of overcrowded landfills and oceans and rivers laden with harmful chemical waste and grime. To reduce our carbon footprint, we decidedly tweaked our way of getting things done in a fast-paced world with our latest effort aimed towards zero waste fashion namely, The Scrap Project.




Instead of losing scraps of unused and leftover fabric, we recycled and repurposed them into lifestyle goods and products like statement stationery and chic travel accessories. This quirky, sustainable collection comprises of cultish hardcover notebooks wrapped in black fabric, snappy laptop sleeves and cases, multi-purpose Dopp kits, witchy looking scrunchies, easy-going totes and more. 

The inspiration behind this collection came to us disguised in patterns and forms found in nature. This translated into the broader philosophy of seeking order in chaos. And that’s how The Scrap Project was born, out of an urgent need to reflect and give back. In an endeavour to adopt a holistic approach towards fashion, we set out to find meaning in a chaotic world, with the sole objective to reclaim peace and harmony with nature and our ecosystem. And we did it all, one scrap bit at a time.


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