Music and Healing

Psychologists around the world would agree that the power of music and its potential to heal can act as a driving force to gain back control over your mind and body. It’s imperative to notice a dip in your energy level and mood in uncertain or anxious times. While physical workout and exercise can alleviate some of the tension and help you relax a little, with the right tools, you can also get your mind and spirit back in shape without viewing it as a massive undertaking. 

Since ancient times, cultures have included music as a contributing force in practicing spiritualism, be it any religion or culture. The proof of it still resonates in songs, hymns and religious calls unto God or a superior entity. Now, the advent of the internet has made available free resources that can help folks to stay on top of uncertainty and insecurity in times like these, where the media is often seen exploding with sensationalism, and the people, dreading the future. 

Meditation can take many forms. There’s mindful breathing, guided imagery and other various techniques that are all best practices for exercising the mind. But meditation through music is a fairly unexplored subject. Binaural beats, for example, is a form of meditation through auditory hallucination. Two different frequencies are simultaneously played together, one in each ear, which gives an illusion of a perceived third frequency. This type of music is said to be helpful in treating insomnia, reduce anxiety and stress levels, help with depression, alleviate mood swings, improve memory and focus and results in an elevated level of happiness. It affects cognitive behaviour and has definitive health benefits. 

That said, here is an audio for you guys to try this technique at home to align your mind, body and spirit in these dark times. 

We are sure your pets are feeling as anxious and worried about missed walks and play time in the absence of outdoor activities. So, we found some ambient music online to help your furry friends stay put and retreat to a relaxed state. Whether they have high excitement levels or if they’re feeling a bit low in this downtime, a little music can always help set the mood right. Try it out yourself! 

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