Meesha Holley X Turn Black 

Meesha Holley is a photography genius and visual artist with a passion for underwater photography and using traditional photographic techniques. She likes to experiment with different art forms and create a concoction of beautiful pieces of work that seems to transcend the realm of conscious thought as we know it, and emerge more like a dream within a dream sequence. 

Through her art, she brings to the fore that part of our brain that plays dead in the state of wakefulness, but comes alive when we’re just about to go to sleep and digress into the world of dreams. 

Her abstract work with images is surreal to say the least. We are proud to present and feature in her underwater photography project, also featuring her muse Marielle Gerke, a somatic and aquatic dancer and artist, as well as Smriti Choudhary, an entrepreneur, designer and artist. Have a look at these beautiful fluid images captured by the British-Indian photographer. 

The alternative photographer draws inspiration from water as one of the five elements of nature. 

Holley’s ongoing experiments with human form, water and light go beyond underwater photography as the final work looks much like art at the behest of the subject’s willingness to free-dive into the very essence of being through motion, as well as the photographer’s fearless attitude to work with the undertow and not against it.

Immersive works by Meesha Holley in collaboration with artist-model Smriti Choudhary wearing Turn Black.

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