Mottanai represents an attitude that values paying respect for the resources around you, teaches you not to be wasteful, and to use these resources with a sense of deep appreciation. It conveys the wasted opportunity of objects that have yet to reach their full potential.

Zero waste patterns

Mottainai is designed thoughtfully with our scraps from previous collections. They are collected, sorted, ironed, and put together one by one which results in unique patchworks. 

The fashion industry is responsible for 20% of all industrial water pollution worldwide. Turn Black was built with the idea of not being wasteful. We believe repurposing is a means in respect to quality craftsmanship. We treasure clothes as every piece holds a story.

We design our garments in a way that minimizes waste. Working with a singular tone results in very little or no waste at all. Our labels, buttons, pockets, and storage bag are all made of scraps. 

Ethical materials / Upcycling

We implement as many ethical and up-cycled materials as possible in order to fulfill our vision as an ethical clothing brand. Mottainai consists of garments with a blend of the best quality natural fibers like linen, cotton flex, and patchwork (linen, organic cotton, voile, cotton linen, flex). We are on a mission to circulate our fabrics for as long as their maximum value is retained. 

This is made from 100% upcycled scraps from our previous collections. 

Locally sourced and made

We source our organic materials locally to maintain our goal of sustainability. Every garment is MADE IN INDIA. This helps us support the local garment industry as well as lower our carbon footprint. This further enables us to only work with the best quality of fabrics with zero compromises made on the quality. Natural and organic materials help us to use it to their fullest potential. 

Our production house + studio is located in New Delhi, India. Our workers (karigars) hand produce all the products locally. This helps us maintain the quality of each garment produced. We give utmost importance to workmanship and craftsmanship. 

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 Seasonless + timeless collection

We do not believe in following trends as trends change with every passing day. We design in a way ensuring these pieces can be worn all year round and can be styled in every way possible. This helps you maintain a wardrobe that can be styled again and again and garments can be worn for the longest time. A classic black dress or a shirt is a building block in your wardrobe. Invest in clothing that lasts for a long, long time. 


Importance of Mottainai in fashion

Mottainai teaches one to not be wasteful and use all the resources to their fullest potential. Upcycling, recycling, repairing, mending your old clothes are a few simple ways to practice Mottainai in your everyday life. A conscious living, with conscious decision making, is Mottainai. We are immensely proud to work on the collection Mottainai and provide a second life to the scraps. Rightly said ‘Waste is only waste if you waste it.’

P.S.- We offer FREE REPAIRS for any Turn Black piece purchased by you. Simply get in touch with us at

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