Jasneet’s Journey

One April afternoon, we spoke to two fantastic women, Jasneet & Pia. Jasneet is a Chandigarh based lawyer who quit her profession to learn about organic farming & Pia is an architect from Germany. These women have different tales to tell about how they decided to travel. They aren’t influencers or Vloggers, they are just regular people with an unquenchable thirst for adventure & exploration. This week we’re looking at Jasneet’s adventures.


A few years ago, while flying back from Italy, Jasneet survived a near fatal accident. That, really shook her to the core and she realized how unpredictable and fragile life can be, without any warning or unforeseen signals it can just end. That was her turning point, and she decided to concentrate less on pleasing others and living a fuller, happier life which will in turn make people around her happy.

She says “I first started travelling in the womb of my mother; I guess that’s where it all started”. Her first solo trip was to Siberia which she remembers fondly because being on her own for the first time in a foreign land exposed her to many new experiences, after which she hasn’t looked back. Traveling is her ‘thing’, she says “I remember spending every penny and any free time I had on traveling.” Jasneet travels because there’s so much to learn, so much to see and gain.  Understandably, she isn’t very keen on flying anymore, but she found herself a new ride; a motorbike. Since gender has a role to play in everything one does, she has received her share of taunts and comments like “ladkiyan bike thodi chalati hai”. She says “it’s especially annoying when you are on a bike; it’s distracting hence so dangerous but there’s nothing you can do except minding your own business”.

Some people want to set an example through their own life, Jasneet is one of them. She wants to break the gender stereotypes that bind us. Life should be more than just conforming to dumb labels and “rules”, it should be about contradicting these. Life should be as deep as black.

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