5 Reasons Why We Want to Wear Black All the Time

1. Layers up endlessly

Can you imagine layers upon layers of pink clothing? Or blue for that matter? Is an image of a clown coming into your head? Yes, you see, the absence of colour helps create an illusion, hence you can layer black on black on endlessly! And look like a bomb.

Sleeveless Pleated Black Top

2. If you want to hide you can

Black is great colour when you don’t feel your best on a particular day, and you want hide, but then responsibilities have to be taken care of, black clothing lets you go about your day without being worried about your attire and hidden from attention.

Black Short Shift Linen Dress

3. You can stand out if you want

A little black dress, or a kickass Explorer Jacket will make you stand out from the crowd, isn’t that an instant confidence booster? When you know you look amazing! Contradicts the point before, but that’s what black is, you can be whoever you want.

Black Long Linen Jacket

4. Slimming, duh!
Different shapes and sizes are unique there won’t be an exact replica of you anywhere! Nobody looks magazine cover models, either do they (*whispers* photoshop). But come on, sometimes you feel that your arms look “fat” or your gut looks too “plump” that’s when you slip into something black and (voila!) you don’t anymore!  

Black Gathered Dress With Kantha

5. No Stains, No Pain

Mother’s haldi filled sabzi, or red wine at a crazy party if either of them spill none of them are going to be visible on black! Although, pet hair is visible, but honestly, which pet lover would mind having a mark of their loving little floofer on themselves?

Black Sleeveless Pleated Dress

6. *Bonus* they’ll think you’ll bite a bat’s head off!

Taking a bit (pun,intended) of inspiration from Ozzy, people you don’t like will keep away from you because they’ll think you’re into voodoo and black magic if you wear black every time. And you don’t have to be diplomatic with them! (Yaay!)

This is just tip of the iceberg, there are lot many reasons why we like to wear black. Just the colour itself is so so good! All the clothes on the list are in our shop, you can just click the clothing item on the image itself and it’ll lead directly to the shop!

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