The Black Revolution

Protests and movements are beginning of a revolution. If we just stand by everything that is going on in our world, there will not be any difference and we ourselves will suffer. When the mass joins in, and you look at them from a distance or an aerial view what you’ll notice first is the colour and if it is that same which it usually is, you’ll see a giant mass of that particular colour.

Black has long been a part of protest fashion. What we wear can be a strong message in itself, and black being a bold, strong, deep colour has been a choice in many protests and struggles. Let’s take for example the recent Time’s Up Movement, when all the celebrities in Hollywood turned up in black clothing, it was a strong message of solidarity. A message that it’s too late to stay quiet anymore about injustice done.

Black Panther Party with their black pants, leather jackets & black berets had become an iconic statement and still is to this day. They challenged and stood up against police brutality. And their clothing became a part of their statement, it has become their identity.


Taking an instance from India, PS Jaya an artist from Kerala paints herself black as a protest against casteism, she started ever since the suicide of Rohith Vermula. Her protest also has a second side, which against the beauty standard “fair is beautiful”. Fair & spotless skin is a silly notion in our country which makes people especially women take multiple “treatments” to fix their skin. Without understanding that that’s not how melanin works. Study your biology people!

Clothing has been a powerful statement, the colour black is a powerful statement. There are times when we have to raise our voice to stand united against injustice in any form. This will only happen when the mass realizes we are stronger than a few men in power.

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  • Sarah says:

    It is really a heart touching post about the lady who painted herself black to protest. You are right that Black has long been a part of protest fashion, it suites with anything you wear. I Liked your collection as well, it’s amazing. i will definitely shop one of them, Thank you for sharing.

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