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Why do we need Feminism?

The word ‘Feminism’ has the strangest of ways to create a deep concoction of anxiety, anger, intense urgency, guilt and thankfully also a good rewind…

The Black Swan

    Most ancient civilizations assumed that the visible horizon is the edge of the world and anyone who managed to reach the edge could…

Jasneet’s Journey

One April afternoon, we spoke to two fantastic women, Jasneet & Pia. Jasneet is a Chandigarh based lawyer who quit her profession to learn about…

Our Story

Who you are, what you believe in: that’s what you wear every day. And that is what we make clothing for. Welcome to a new way of apparel! An incredible eye for what’s next in fashion. A passionate drive to exceed expectations – Turn Black takes it first breath as a fashion brand in New Delhi. From sketch to prototype to final product, we craft our pieces with the same approach as the world’s design houses.

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