The Scrap Project

Recycle. Reuse. Repurpose.

That’s the ethic we chose to follow for this project, made from discarded bits and pieces of scrap generated during the production process – presenting The Scrap Project. 

The Awakening

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. The industrial waste produced in the process is dumped in the overcrowded landfills, which in turn alters the environment, our oceans and the very source of life as we know it. It’s the most unnatural manmade conundrum left for our planet to deal with. 

The Philosophy

The inspiration behind this project is "to seek order in chaos" with a motive to reconnect with the source by way of recycling and reclaiming. “The Scrap Project" is all about giving back and healing ourselves and the earth. In this endeavour to adopt a holistic approach towards fashion, we set out to find meaning in a world of chaos to reclaim peace and harmony. And we did it all, one scrap bit at a time.

The Revelation

Our inspiration got realized into an obscure multi-layered patchwork motif that eventually formed the basis of our earth-friendly ensemble. The many layers of fabric are symbolic of holistic healing, while the abstract design reflects on our eternal quest for meaning, in a world of abundance. This is our zero-waste effort towards eco-fashion.

The Process

With all the leftover fabric that is usually too small to be transformed into anything useful, We decided to utilize every bit of it through creative design. We up-cycled the stray pieces of waste cloth left from the production of collars, bags and pockets, and gave them a new lease of life. 

Through this project, we aim to add zero-waste fashion to our agenda this year as we propel into the realm of sustainability and conscious fashion, with this crafty yet quirky new collection from yours truly.

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