Come let’s explore life without boundaries or defined lines. A life where you can move around freely.
Untamed is a view of a world which doesn’t have boundaries. It draws its inspiration by the nomadic tribe, Rabari. This collection mostly features long, loose silhouettes with gather details which can be found in the clothes of Rabari women. Traditionally, the women of this tribe are known to wear black, as black signifies the day they truly became nomadic.

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The Self

How many times a day do we question our existence? When things aren’t going our way we often curse and question “Who am I?” “What…

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Turn Black believes Who you are, what you believe in: that’s what you wear every day. And that is what we make clothing for. Welcome to a new way of apparel! An incredible eye for what’s next in fashion. A passionate drive to exceed expectations – Turn Black takes its first breath as a fashion brand in New Delhi. From sketch to prototype to final product, we craft our pieces with the same approach as the world’s design houses.

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